Let’s go, Baby…


Oh, dear baby heart,

Stop cribbing now,

All aren’t as innocent as you…

Hold my hands darling,

It’s the time to bid adieu…

Ask your companion organs,

They will give you A+ report card…


It’s somebody else’s mind playing with you,

You are not something to play with….

Ask me, your brother,

I care for you…

With all the rights to feel protective of you,

Understand what I am saying…

I know you care,

I know you are beautiful,

I know you are strong,

But I don’t know why?

Why you don’t think for yourself…

It’s enough now,

Hold my hands, I won’t leave,

Trust me, I won’t betray,

Look at me I won’t scold,

Just for one time please,


Let’s go…


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