And, Finally…


It happened, finally,

With the music in the backdrop,

She enjoyed being in the front…

That soft breeze kissed her cheeks,

Those happy tears cleaned her fears,


The confidence within gave her wings…

Enlightened by the love she possesses within,

She felt like on cloud 9….


Those memories don’t haunt her anymore,

Those days now fail to call her back,

That heaviness isn’t there anymore,

And Love?

It’s still there, but for her own self…


Romancing with the self,

She lifts herself up above the pain…

Holding the self tightly,

She doesn’t let anybody make her feel low…

With the words so powerful on paper,

The strength reflects back in her…

With each alphabet talking to her,

The conversations keep loneliness at bay…


And finally,

Merry she, decides to slay…



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