​Shaheed Bhagat Singh👏

In the race of freedom,
He sacrificed to help wipe off slavery,
Engulfed in the cage of British rulers,
He dared to envision India as a free bird…
Sacrificing his life,
Without thinking twice…
He is remembered as the epitome of bravery,
Captured in the jail,
He went on 116-day long hunger strike…
Irrespective of the toll on health,
He cared more for what was at stake…
In the case of British officer murder,
He was arrested only to be hanged later…
Merely at an age of 23,
He kept India first and then his own life….
Devoted to his country,
He worn a wide smile when died…
He left this world,
To change countless lives…
Gone now,
He is remembered proudly,
Still living in countless hearts,
He never really died…



  1. Hey I am vinitha Singh and I am 16 you know the surname singh after my name is kept by me because I am a very great follower of bhagat Singh JI..
    Thank you for writing so beautifully on my idols, my gods , personality..
    And one request I am new to WordPress so please see my work and give your reviews please didi I insis

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