Win Yourself!


Hi guys, I hope all of you are doing good in life. I have something to share with all my readers. I realized something, lately.  People have called me this, that, blah, blah and blah, and it is something that happened with almost everybody in this world. When any individual faces such a situation, he/she starts belittling the self, start looking at the self from the eyes of others, which is not at all good.

The world says what it feels life, and to be honest, it’s their mouth and they have all the right to act this way. The crux is you can’t stop anybody from passing a comment on you or giving a suggestion, but all that you can do is control your reaction.

When somebody we love, admire, respect, passes a statement or points out things to us, which they feel aren’t right, it’s slightly disappointing.  This results in a scenario, wherein we start working on changing ourselves, start working to impress others, start seeking praise from them, etc. But, the thing is WHY?

Why do we need somebody else to find us perfect; why their comments should force us to change; why hesitations take over us; Why we start wanting to win them? Why? Why don’t we instead work on winning ourselves with all of our heart, the way we are? Why?

I admit, there are weaknesses in every individual, I know my weaknesses and I am thankful to my well-wishers who remind me to work on my weaknesses. But, I find it worth mentioning here that there are some people who know about your weak points, and even when you are right they point a finger towards you. It is something that needs to be avoided.

I realized that “Winning Yourself” is a lot more important than pondering about how to impress others, who matter in any way. Now, I feel that it is important to feel good, confident, and positive about the self, rest hardly matters.

With this thing in mind, I have started my journey on the path of winning myself completely. There are things I need to work on, and I am happy I am trying. This time, with God’s grace and my strong determination and will, I will make it happen. It’s time to give those weaknesses backseat in life. I know they are ingredients of the package the God has made me. But, I am thankful to myself for realizing it finally, after spoiling so many bonds, relations, works, opportunities, etc. that I can do this, and I will do it, one step at a time.

My efforts are on, and the trophy is self. Challenges make life exciting, and I admit the challenge I have taken, and am working on, is going to the toughest of all.

So, on this note, we reach near the end of this write-up. To sum it up all, win yourself, and you will win a life wherein victory will always be yours. On this shore of the article, I am here with a few one-liners to uplift and motivate you instantly:

  • You can, at least give life a shot.
  • How can you know you can’t do something until you really try it?
  • Your opinion of yourself matters the most.
  • Think you can, and believe me, you are half-way there.
  • Don’t make your happiness centric to anybody or anything.
  • Sadness, low vibes, negativity, anger, everything can be dealt with, elegantly.
  • Make the world move on your vibes.
  • Love yourself, you are all that you have.
  • Don’t forget to smile.
  • Look in the mirror, the person you see there is fully dependent on you. Make it worthy.
  • Don’t let comparisons enter your life.
  • Do the things that uplift you.
  • Sing, dance, write, love, ride, exercise, walk, talk, do all that adds life to your life.

In a nutshell, I have given myself a challenge and is hopeful of winning it this time, what about you? Challenge yourself, Overcome obstacles, and Win yourself.

Happy Reading.



  1. I have seen super positivity in you from first day and the same is reflecting from your posts too. Keep this thing with you ever, very less people gets it from the mother nature. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I realized that “Winning Yourself” is a lot more important than pondering about how
    to impress others……

    Well Said……


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