Romance Between The Lines!!



The love, those beautiful words reflect…

The aura, that way of expression creates,


That feelings-packed writing style,

Together, take her heart away…

Fading the rest,

Embroidered with emotions,

The final result serves her the ultimate romance on paper …

Right in the face,

That rhyme scheme,

Slays it all in one go…

Sitting in her favorite corner,

As she turns the pages of her diary,

She often sees her written lines romancing beautifully…

As she creates the ambiance for the same,

The ink flows so smoothly on the paper…

Like a paper meeting her lover ink after ages….

Together in union,

The pen, ink, and paper…

Absorb her all…

Her hours often feel like a few moments,

With the pen, ink, and paper around…

To add to the romance between the lines,

Acting like the icing on the cake,

The background music coming from the radio,

Leaves no scope for anything lame…



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