Know yourself, know your worth!!


Know yourself inside out,

And what the world says won’t matter to you…

Invest in yourself,

Other investments in life won’t be that valuable ever…


Listen to what others say about you,

But don’t let their bitching hit your peace…

You aren’t perfect at life,

But its imperfections that keep you unique…

Pay attention to suggestions silently,

But do your own thing…

World never gets tired of belittling others,

Don’t get trapped into it…

All those who smile at you,

Aren’t your well-wishers darling…



  1. I solicit all the memories and made an attempt to bury them, in the desolate night,
    I tried to bid them farewell, and they made their grip all the more tight!
    And there I was, all crippled , so I take a sip of them yet again,when I sit to dine,
    Time changed, so did people, Alas! These memories are what, I can always refer mine!


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