Life & The Rubber Band Effect!


Dug in the complexities of life,

Once you give yourself a try,

Life will raise you like never before…

Just like a rubber band,

The extremer you get into something,

The extremer consequences follow….

The more sadness you see in life,

The better you can value happiness….

The more struggles life serves you in platter,

The tastier desert you are going to get…

Being over emotional,

Make you value relationships and humans…

Being over practical,

Keeps you away from too much drama in life…

That’s how life is,

A baggage of Inversely proportional….

Extent of extremes are same,

But the directions are often inverse….

A beautiful yet complicated,

Mathematical equation life is…

Patience will take you to the solutions,

Rest is going to assure you complications…

That’s how I sum up,

Life and the rubber band effect.



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