She will learn to love herself…


As the dawn of 2018 is approaching,

All she wants is to start prioritizing self…

With a realization to keep the self before others,

She really needs to be kinder to self…


With a nature to love with all of her heart,

She often ends up keeping others in front of herself…

As the year comes to an end,

She pledges to stop loving others blindly…


She decides to leave,

Leave everybody whom she loves passionately…

She won’t let any kind of expectations arise,

Keeping her own self engulfed in her stuff…

It’s time to go busy,

Busy in a way that won’t be visible to anybody around…

Let this year end with a goal to keep self motivated,

An aim to work harder,

Some painful memories to build a strong shield around her heart…




  1. Love others but don’t be afraid of letting go if the need arises. We mistake self love for being selfish but we forget that the love we extend to others should also include our own self.

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