It’s a self promise!


I won’t let you down,

In the paths you take…

I will be your side,

If ever you find yourself alone…

For the countless times spent together,

I have realized something,

Realized that there can’t be anybody better than you for me…

The tears you have helped me dealing with,

The problems we have solved together,


The patience you have helped me gain,

I owe you every bit of me…

I apologize,

For the days I ignored you for somebody else,

For the times I trusted somebody else,


The times, you needed me but

I didn’t pull you out of the chaos…

For the life journey, you are left with,

I won’t let you down…

It’s a promise,

You will always have,

A hand to hold,

A being to embrace,


Somebody to pamper you always…

It’s a self-promise…



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