Oh, It’s totally fine…

Passing those judgments on me?

It’s totally fine…

I can’t stop you from doing it,

And, guess what,

You won’t stop either…

You think I am not capable?

Capable of what?

Serving you blindly?

Oh, Well in that case,

I am sorry…

I am not…

The life is mine,

So are the decisions,

So, why should you even matter to me at all?

You, your judgments, suggestions,

Keep it to yourself…

I am used to making mistakes,


Learning from it all by myself…

So thank you,

I don’t need you to bother about me,

I know my journey,

And, the obstacles I might face…

I know all of it,


Am all set to embrace all of it…

So, for you all I have is,

Oh, it’s totally fine…



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