I will make myself proud…


For every moment I invested in anything,

I will make sure it bears fruits,

For every tear rolled down my cheek,

I will vanish all of them with my smile,

I know that dark zone,

A zone I have been into many times…

Every time I tried dragging myself out of it,

Circumstances pushed me back in there…


On the third dawn of 2018,

I promise to make myself proud,

Of every little step, I take in life,

Of every moment I don’t give up…

Seeing my journey so far,

I know where I lack,


The things I am good in…

Having realized my weakness,

I will uproot them with dedicated efforts,

Why the world gets a chance to point finger at me,

Why I give them chances to see me suffer,

Why not I turn my weakness into a strength,

Why not I punch the criticizers right in the face,

Why not?

 And, my answer is,

Wait and watch 2018,

I will…


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