If I treat you the way you treat me, you would hate me!


Time and again,

I have forgiven you…

For all the mess you dumped into my life,

I better stay far away from you…


Swallow your ego,


You might be able to see what you have done…

For the times I seek assistance from you,

All I got in return was disappointment…


Neither I am perfect,

Nor I call myself so…

With a loud tone,

Can’t a person have a heart of gold?


You stupid, rewind 2017,

Go month-by-month,

Introspect your moves,

You will get an answer…


Forgiving you time and again,

Sorry I am not left with any more forgiveness…

For I am not a robot,

I get hurt too,


Just can’t get over it,

Every time you hit hard….


If I treat you the way you treated me in past some time,

You wouldn’t want to see my face ever,


You definitely wouldn’t forgive me ever…


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