Wait & Watch!

Tired of listening,

Listening to the same old story,

Fed up is she…


For everybody has weak points,

But hitting them, again and again, is of no good…

In the world with perfect no one,

How can you continuously hit somebody at the same point?


For she isn’t foolish,

Foolish to encourage her weakness…

Not all efforts put by her,

You can see ever…


Pinching her so badly this time,

You won’t be forgiven ever…

It’s her sole weakness you keep on pointing at,

Making her feel so bad about self…


Wait and watch,

She is changing, will change,

For the constant-pointing fingers at her are leaving her lifeless…

Wait and watch…

She will turn that sole weakness into her strength…

But you know what,

The package won’t be same, thereof…

Neither the other qualities you admired,

Not the love she always showered…

As you see,

Nobody can be perfect,

Perfect in this world,

A world where perfect is nothing, ‘

For even the moon has a weakness…


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