Bring it on!!


Don’t be led by your fears,

Lead yourself with self-faith…

With the life throwing situation time and again,

Make it a habit to face everything on face…


Be a warrior,

Move forward with “bring it on” attitude…

Just trust yourself,


Give your 100% to whatever you do…


Know the reality,

Know that you can’t give up,

Until you agree…

Be stubborn,

When it comes to “holding on” to life…


Create chemistry with your life,

Date yourself,

Kiss your wounds and pains,


Heal yourself with self-care…

For it’s just you,

Just you,

Who can make or break your life,

Who can make you the champion of your journey,


Who can keep you going until end…


So, make “bring it on” your mantra,

And lead life wearing your self-faith on your sleeves…

Trust me,

Life will never give up on you…



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