I forgive myself…!!


Looking in the mirror,

I had a word with the self, last night…

In every word there reflected regret,

The regret of underestimating the self…

In the world of showoff,

I often degraded myself,

Just a single comparison done by me,

Often left my confidence all in vain…

I know my weaknesses,

But I am not unaware of my strengths too…

Every weakness I wear,

I can change it into my armor,

Armor full of weakness-turned-strengths…

Looking right into my eyes,

I apologized to myself for letting world defeat me…

For I was capable of winning,

If only I had invested more in self-belief than in doubts….

Having realized that,

I choose to forgive myself…

For I and nobody else,

Will take my tantrums


Work for improving me…



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