You are not my cup of tea, anymore.

I invested my everything in you,

For you were apple of my eye…

Fading off the entire world around,

You became the core highlight of my life…

Time and again,

You expected more and more from me…

I tried fulfilling every need of yours,

But tell me,

How could I hand over my freedom to you?

You wanted me to show dedication,

But have you ever noticed me talking about anybody else?

Until the time my words matched your wishes,

I was the best for you…

But, the moment I took a stand for us, all by myself,

Respect and love were all gone?

Was that justified?

Was it all I deserved?

The moment I needed you the most,

You disappeared…

Soon, you made a comeback,

But was that comeback enough to make me trust you again?

No, Never…


Initially, I spent moments in despair,

Soon, the sun rose in my heart,

And guess what?

All the darkness fade away…

It took me almost 1.5 years to get over you,

For the sake of this time spent in pain,

I can proudly say today,

You are not my cup of tea, anymore…



  1. this is an awesome post, I am going through this pain since last 4 years believing on what she said that she need some time and space…. based on this i kept on praying for her and with time i became so strong that today i do pray for her but i dont cry anymore during those prayers !!.

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