Free yourself!!


Come on,

Why so entangled in the society?

It’s time,

Time to free yourself…


Don’t let the world make you feel any less,

You are a lot more than what they say…

Buck up,

You aren’t alive to serve their mind process…

You have a mind of your own,

Use it,


Do exactly what it says…


Life is all about making a call,

A call to the inner-sleeping self…

Wake up,

Do your thing…

Make the world know who you are,

Not who you have become following somebody else…



Answer your gut feelings,

Believe in your intuitions,


Do exactly what you want to do…


Free yourself,

From anything and everything that,

Holds you back…

Come out of the shell,


Fly and Shine…



  1. All your posts are awesome, I liked your thought process and also the way you are expressing your thoughts in a well synchronized way. Your words flow so well, anyone reading just gets absorbed in them.

    Liked by 1 person

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