Don’t shout at me!!


Hi guys, I hope all of you are doing great in life. Well, I have realized something overtime, and I feel most of you can relate to my realization quite well. You know what, this world, it’s overflowing with people leading with a mindset that its attitude and arrogance that make you count and sparkle in the eyes of others.

They have a feeling and belief that people who are down to earth or speak genuinely to others or feel free to pour heart out are nothing but desperate or lonely beings. Which, I feel is bullshit. If somebody is talking nicely to you, it doesn’t mean he/she needs you or is desperate. So, watch out your thoughts and especially actions.

It is maybe because, it is very difficult to live in this world with a heart of gold and kindness, due to which most people choose to be arrogant and ruthless, rather than gathering the strength to do what the heart says.

Come on, what is the fun of treating people badly or bullying others? Seriously man, if the other person is decent enough to treat you good even after taking all the shit you throw at him/her, it doesn’t mean you can shout at them.

God, the Almighty hasn’t given anybody the right to disgrace or bully anybody. So, before you shout at anybody or throw your dirty actions at someone, ponder countless times. Life is a beautiful journey, so behave life a peaceful traveler, and enjoy every sight while you are here.

No matter how renowned, famous, or senior you are, you have no rights to belittle anybody or shout at anybody, it won’t make you any more respectable. Treat everybody well, it doesn’t show how good they are, instead, it reflects your character.

It took me so many years to learn how to say anybody and everybody that ‘don’t shout at me’, for it’s my journey, my struggles, my ups-and-downs, so why let anybody disgrace my journey. I have all the right to create a path for the self, follow it, and be proud of it, so why should I let anybody impose anything on me, until unless I am harming them, or hurting them in any way.  So, for me it’s as simple as treat me good, I will treat you better; treat me bad, and I will silently leave your life. Thus, the mantra is ‘be good, do good, but don’t take anything that harms your integrity or reputation’.

I am here with a list of things you must remember, while you are in the journey of life with people around:

  • Don’t poke your nose in anybody’s matter.
  • Learn to listen, you can do your thing silently, eventually.
  • Arguments have never done any good to anybody. Avoid them.
  • Spread kindness.
  • It’s not your responsibility to satisfy others’ wishes. Instead, focus on what you really feel like doing, and follow the path.
  • Nothing tastes better than kindness, compassion, and love. Make yourself a dish served with all three of them.
  • Remember, nothing can hurt you until you allow it to reach your heart.
  • Love yourself no matter what people say.
  • Never leave your side, be there for yourself, as there won’t be anybody till the end.
  • Spread positivity and liveliness.
  • Happiness is infectious, share it.

Before I bid adieu to you, feel free to give me feedback, and yes, of course, Happy Reading.




  1. Excellent points! When someone shouts at me, it should be rare, like in an emergency. If it’s not rare, I need to remove myself from that toxic situation. Kindness shows maturity.

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