You are free, act like one…!!


Hi Guys, I hope all of you are doing great in life. Well, India is celebrating its 69th Republic Day today, that is 26th January 2018. So, on this occasion, I am here with a thoughtful article, which I feel everybody should ponder. The Republic Day is the day when India’s constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country’s transition toward becoming an independent republic. So, would you like to share any thoughts about the same, it could be anything. If yes, feel free to pen down in the comment section.

I have a strong belief, a belief that when you are free, you have the right to do anything, then why those clutches in your thoughts and heart, why? Come on, feel blessed as your country is free. There are many countries and parts of the world, wherein people are leading a life of slavery, and don’t even have the access to basic necessities.

Well, what I want to say is, when you are living in a country which is free, why not act like one. Remember, in a free country, you can just be the slave to your thoughts and doubts, so why to lead a life of slavery even when you are free. Break all the shackles, come out, and live freely, for freedom is priceless.

Just give it a thought about the freedom fighters, who gave their lives so that you can live freely. Didn’t they have a family, children, and a life like yours? Of course they had, but still, they bravely fought for the country’s freedom and made it happen. So, why can’t you add meaning to their struggles? Why…?

It is shameful to see people acting like slaves, slaves to the thoughts, myths, and things that don’t even mean anything in reality. Come on, feel the freedom, smell the air that’s free, inhale the right to do anything, and exhale everything that makes you a better, a free person, and your country, this entire world a better place to live in.

Life is too small to waste it on mere thinking, instead, take some actions, make some moves, and turn your visions into reality. Life is a beautiful journey, mean it with all of your heart, mind, and actions. Let there be a better environment to spend time in, let there be smiles more than those tension wrinkles on the forehead. If you are free, act like one, and aware people about their rights.

For nothing feels better than seeing a smile or relief in somebody’s life because of yourself. So, make beauty happen. On this 69th Republic Day of India, take a pledge to spread freedom, and free yourself from the cage of negative thoughts, if’s and but’s, and everything that bound you, and stops you from live life freely.

In a nutshell, here I am with some reminders:

  • Do what you really want to do, for the world would always want to make you act like they say. So, listen to your heart and do what it says, not what they say.
  • Don’t let anybody belittle you, for you are free to fly high in the sky of life.
  • Never be afraid of taking your and others’ stand, for it might make you stand alone, but at least you can live with a satisfaction that you aren’t coward.
  • Beauty lies in the heart, so trust your heart more than your eyes and ears.
  • You are free, give your best shot at life.
  • Never act like you are caged, while you have all the rights to do what you feel like.
  • Never compromise on hope, faith, and self-esteem.
  • Lead life like a brave soul, instead of joining cowards.
  • Don’t forget to be happy.

On this note, it’s time to bid adieu. Stay safe, spread your wings and fly high.

Happy Reading.




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