Hi Guys, how are you doing? I hope you all are doing great in life. Well, I am here to discuss a topic that’s sensitive enough to be taken lightly. Well, let me share something, today, I have a twin sister, and she is my superhero. She is a national and state awardee, brave heart, strong-willed, motivational speaker, and highly dedicated girl, with 75% vision impairment. Yes, you have read it right. Well, I am not going to discuss her here. I talked about her because during past couple of days I was busy watching her shine, yes, she had an event.

Actually, besides her Content Writing job, Karate routine, she is voluntarily working with an Online Radio, Radio Udaan, which is run by a visually challenged bunch of people. And, I am really proud to say, she is one of the core members, Content Manager and RJ with the radio. Radio Udaan is a pedestal of infotainment, sparkle, enchantment, glisten, glitter and a supernatural breeze of paradise that aims to kiss your eardrums via cool unsullied programs.

This online radio station ‘produced and webcast’ by the persons with visual challenges, Radio Udaan hovers across more than 100 countries and envelops more than 20,000 listeners every month. It is fashioned with a purpose of serving listeners by providing information coupled with entertainment through radio programs by the Radio Jockeys of Radio Udaan. You can visit this Radio Station at Besides, you can visit my sister’s blog too at I have written many posts on my twin sister, you can read them too, like ” That’s the spirit I seek”-  Another one is I am the heart, she is the beat:

Well, the crux is, I attended the 3-day long event called the 4th National convention of Radio Udaan, and Udaan Idol Finale. After spending time there, I realized the true meaning of struggle, passion, hard-work, never-give-up attitude and what not. What I felt bad about is the fact that there are a lot of people out there, who don’t understand the value of senses they are blessed with, and instead of being grateful to the God for the same, they waste time in degrading the visually challenged, physically challenged, etc. people. And, when such people come to hear about the achievements of people living with any kind of disability, they simply call it God’s gift. I want to ask all such people, REALLY? If you really think its God gift, when persons with disability get successful, then, what would you call yourself, your ability to see, listen, speak, walk, etc.? Aren’t all those senses God’s gift?

Why the world keeps on calling the achievements of a person with a disability, so small, or doesn’t even consider them worthy enough? Why? Why the world indulges in stuff like inequality? Why? Do you have any idea about how persons with a disability feel, how they give there 200% just to ensure they get the basic right of equality, which normal people are blessed with without putting in any efforts? Do you realize how it feels to be called less when in reality you have the universe within?

So, the crux is life is too short to belittle anybody because you can never judge a book by its cover. Learn to respect and accept everybody. On this note, I am here with some reminders:

  • Never think anybody any less than yourself.
  • Learn to appreciate the efforts of others.
  • Before putting a finger on anybody else, look within.
  • Help others, as Karma exists.
  • Be positive.
  • Don’t speak negative about anybody, and if you can’t say positive, stay silent.
  • God has created all of us, so for God’s sake, don’t disgrace anybody, ever.

In a nutshell, spread positivity, share knowledge and infect others with happiness.

Happy Reading.



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