Let me feel them…


That bleeding wound in the heart,

Those parched scratches on the neck,

That intense pain in the arms,


The unbearable memory of the bygone,

Let me feel them,

Feel all of them one more time,

Feel them a little longer…

Let me, please…


Touching the skin with the healed palm,

The pain so intense bumps into me…

Leaving me numb,

Shivering and all wet in sweat…

The sight makes me wish to had have died,

Then and there…


That feeling of mud sucking me inside it,

The fear of succumbing to the breathlessness,

The thought of having lost the love of a lifetime,

Turn my mind into a battleground,

With the mind and the heart fighting endlessly…



For once,

Let me feel them all again…

To applaud the self,

For all the fears fought right in the face,


For successfully moving on,

Moving on from something that gulped me and my life…


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