Will you be there?


Oh dear readers,

Will you be there in the times I lack the motivation to pen…

Will you be with me in the moments I feel like giving up…

Will you be there?

Amid the writers like you all,

I feel you can understand my plight well…

Well in the times of all kinds,

The times when the ink of my pen seek warmth,

When on a winter cold night, situations make me feel colder…

And countless others times of such kind…

Will you be there…

There for a girl with countless emotions and a dream,

A dream to pen down a lot more in life…

Ask me the same,


I assure you,

I am always a contact away…

Let’s empower the community of writers,

Writers of all kinds,


Grow, grow together…



  1. This is a beautiful and honest piece of writing, Kavya! You can count on me for sure if you ever feel like reaching out to someone when you feel low or glum. I will be a mail away. 🤗
    Much love!


  2. I’m sure, we will all be there! But I’ll just talk about me, and say, that I’d be there, only to harbor you, as slowly you’d feel the warmth, never feeling alone, only to always find me around. Take care! :))

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