Clutched in an Useless Emotion!


That envy gulps me all at once,

When the clouds get darker…

When the horrible waves of negativity take me over,

I find myself too numb to save myself…


For the sake of peace of inner-self,

I want to free my soul from the shackles of envy…

I don’t usually envy,

For I am blessed with a lot in life…

But there are the days,

Days when in place of the Sun,

Envy rises in my life…


To save the self from the trap of such evil feelings,

I end up punishing self,

Punishing in a way nearly impossible to be noticed by others around…

Go through days like these,

That evil feeling takes over everything,

Takes over the positive I that resides within…


In the journey of a writer,

The days like these,

End up into intense stuff,

Be it the heart wrenching piece of writing,

Or the,

Deep, drowning verses, musings,

With all of them,

Wrapped in feelings, emotions,

Regret, and so much pain…


For the days like these,

Hey dear bloggers,

Come to my rescue,

Rescue in the times I fail to save me from myself…

With your ideas in the comments section,

I can feel the love and support…

Something that all of us needs at times…

So shower some affection,

For I,

A little girl with a hub of emotions within,

Assure you to count on me if ever the need arises,

For I am always there with open arms to showing love,

Affection and lot of positive vibes.



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