It’s not that easy!!


No matter how hard things get,

There is a voice deep within…

A voice that say,

You can’t,

You can’t give up so easy….

Amid the hurdles and struggles of life,

That inner ray of hope works,

Works perfectly in tune with the will,

Pushing the inner-will to become strong…

Even with the tears in the eyes,


Silent painful screams wanting to be listened,

The heart within, stays…

Stays right there to stop me from giving up…

Standing in the front of mirror,

I often get into monologue…

Telling the self that it’s not that easy,

It’s not that easy to bring me down,

For I am among the one who never stop looking up…

So one more time,

Let me tell you…

No matter how hard it gets,

It’s not that easy,

To convince me to give up,

Give up on self…

Give up on the one I have been working,

Working since that day I entered into this world…



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