Not Again!!


Dreaded of that phase of life,

I am afraid it’s making a comeback…

Having decided to never see that part again,

This heart is apparently acting like a prey to that, today….


No more bygones again, please…

Alas, the heart isn’t listening to any of it…

Why when it was a full stop,

The heart is acting like it was a mere comma?

Not again please,

Yes, I loved,

Yes, I cared,

Yes, I dreamt of a life with him,

Yes, he was the one and always will be…


With an end that couldn’t be any more painful,

I was done,

All done, to never look back in life…


This stupid heart…


Its acting weird since yesterday…

No, please,

No more looking back…


Having become like a dry leaf,

If it’s touched hardly again,

It won’t take a moment for me to shatter all over again….

Don’t, please….

Let me stay away from it….


Not again, please…

It took me years to come out,

And, what I see today is,

My heart, somewhere aching for it again…



Knowing the consequences,

And a lot more,

Why damn this heart acting so stupid…


Not again, please….


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