I am Thankful!!

Twins ; Blessings

For the times I cribbed,

Cribbed like a little child…

The times.

I cried like hell,

I am thankful,

Thankful to you,

For becoming my pillar…

The times have been many,

Each time I becoming pain,

Pain for you…

But you,

Embraced me in your unconditional love,


Helped me become a better person…

For the times I felt lonely,

Lonely like a single plant in a desert…

You turned up,

Becoming my party and gathering…

For the times,

I envied glittery happening in others’ life,


I compared myself to every other person around,

You came to my rescue…

Introducing me to the one that exists within me,

The inner me,

You made me strong and confident…

Capable of keeping myself safe in a world full of butchers…

Butchers of others’ peace and happiness…

I owe you me,

I am more of yours than of mine…

For are my twin,

For you are my heartbeat…


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