I confess!


For today,

Let me confess…

I feel lonely…

Deep inside,

There are countless things that vanish every day,

Infinite dreams that fade away,

With time passing in the blink of an eye,

I find myself so helpless…

Helpless, because…

The time today,

Won’t come back again…

For this age,

That’s meant to be enjoyed to the fullest,

Is passing like every normal day…



With a lot of if’s and but’s around,

The memories of the bygones,

Don’t set me free,

I look free,


Is badly entangled in the invisible emotions…


It’s not about him,


The guy who aced betrayal…


It’s definitely about the outcome,

The outcome of his decisions and moves…


For a girl who believed in love,

Is afraid of the very emotion badly…

With so many people around,

There is something within,

Stopping her from feeling the same emotion again…


With the life passing so fast,

I feel pity for me,

For the time I could have enjoyed with my lover,

Is left blank in the book of life…



  1. You must move on Kavya! You are blessed with life only once and like you said, each day each moment passes by…it won’t come back…so live it fully. Everyone is carved out for a special purpose in life. Find that purpose and live for it. Love will find its own way to reach you again. Those feelings will come back again when you find the right person who deserves you. Good Luck

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