My 8th Sensitizing Session in the Journey of Creating Awareness (February 8th 2018)

Great efforts, Divya. Keep it up.

My Take On Disability

Divya Sharma ST. Mary's School Sensitizing Session

Awareness is something that can move mountains.  With the rise in the number of mainstream schools I have covered so far, my belief in awareness is getting stronger. In my journey of sensitizing people, today I covered 8th mainstream school. I went to ST. MARY’S SR. SEC. SCHOOL Jindwari District Ropar. The experience was excellent.

Here i would like to tell you that the Principal of this school wanted me to conduct my Sensitizing session in the 1st assembly of 2018. But unfortunately because of bad weather and a lot of fog, assemblies didn’t take place for the entire January month. Consequently they had their annual function and again the assemblies were on the back burners.  Finally, yesterday I got his call and he invited me to conduct my session today!

The moment I entered the school campus, like always, my spirit was high and purpose was clear…

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