Back Soon!!


That little girl with wings,

Wings she believed capable of flying high,

High in the journey of life,

Will be back,


Very soon…

The girl determined to keep schedules,

The girl full of discipline,

Will see a comeback soon…

Having been lost in the hustle bustle of life for long,

It’s time, time for her coming back…

With wounds deep in heart,

And those painful memories in mind,

She will come back stronger…

Stronger, having seen a lot in life,

Be it the betrayal that the love of her life gifted her,


The regrets of the actions she didn’t take well in time,

Everything haunts her…


With a strong mindset,

She is all set to overcome the fears,

Many of which are unknown but exist…

The merry news is,

She is all up to come back,

Come back with all that she possesses within…


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