Be stonehearted!!


Hi Guys, what’s up? I hope you are doing well in life. Well, I am here today with something, an outcome of the experiences in the past some days. Well, I have always been a creative soul, not just in mind but in the heart too. With hobbies so dear to me, I haven’t got time for distractions to take space in my mind or heart ever, alas, it came to an end soon.

I never went after boys or craved for their attention. I had some really good friends, both in guys and girls, and was sure that time will be smooth, and my understanding with some of them was good enough for us to eventually think of getting married. But, the destiny had something else to offer me.

Of course, the things didn’t go as desired, dragging me into a scenario, wherein I feel so sad at times. By this time, society made me realized that time isn’t just a number in some aspects. Every other person has suddenly become so keen to see me getting married. Come on, why do they even bother, when they will be among the ones who won’t be seen anywhere around, once I get married. Hahahaha, this world, and folks living here.

Eventually, the continuous questions from the people around somewhat convinced me to start considering this aspect of life seriously. But, I tell you this phase sucks, it really does. Having seen a lot of this phase now, I am all done with it now, and the feelings, frustrations, tensions, etc. these things bring along.

And, the worst part is, I think from the heart, thus, every thought or saying from the other persons directly hit my heart, without any mind in the way, leaving me affected badly. All this while, I have realized one thing that it’s just my hobbies that are the pure source of peace in my life.

Enough of the tensions, worries, and heartaches, I am all up, stern and firm to embrace my hobbies again. This time, giving them the core and the top spot in life. It’s just one life, and I can’t just let it go by wasting my time thinking about what others think, or what others are doing with their lives.

I will live now, live like a crazy, dedicated, creative, and free girl. Emotions being the biggest trapper of my peace, I will shoot them first, and make them fade away from my life. With a vision to become a stonehearted girl, I won’t let any person take even a bit of my peace.

Somebody has truly said that “It’s all in mind.” Let me now drain my mind of the dirt called too-many emotions, worries, thoughts-in-access, and anything and everything hitting my heart hard, trying to compel the heart and mind to give up on them and stop beating and thinking.

It’s my heart, I will take care of it, pamper it, love it, and nourish it to a high level of strength. Life is not easy, and I know that. But, I will ensure ease for me even in the paths full of hurdles. It’s time I invest in risks, for I won’t get this life one more time. And, of course, after knowing that regrets are the heaviest feeling in life, I just don’t want to add on to it.

With a vision to turn stonehearted, I have decided to fly above all these worldly emotions, feelings, people, and society’s mindset. I decide to fly.

P.S.: Do share your views, suggestions. I would really appreciate some positive ideas or something that can keep me away from such worldly traps.


Happy Reading.



  1. Matchmaking and inquiring after a child’s marriage are the society’s favourite hobbies. Let them follow their passion, while you do yours! No one can affect you till you let them! Good luck!

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