Bloom Where You Are Planted!!


Life is a barren land,

You got to live your way,

You got to bloom where you are planted…

Be a seed that flourishes,

Flourishes beautifully,

Even with the mud all around,

Be adamant to bloom like a lotus…

Let every phase of a storm,

Leaves you stronger than ever…

Make your roots firm,

Firm enough to face any kind of weather…

Seasons change,


Don’t let them make you feel any less,

Any less than a strong-willed individual…

Spread happiness,

The fragrance of positivity,



In whichever land you are planted…



  1. Its not that easy kavya. Yes I do believe in your every little word. But its damn tough to make people understand , that to when u live at a place where talking to a boy means you are characterless !! You are crushed , beaten and told to accept whats being followed.. And it hurts even more when your parents think that . You cant even go against them as they are your parents … Truly worthy ! Truly inspiring ! Thank u ! I needed this!

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    • I can understand your situation dear. But please never ever give up on your dreams and stay hopeful always. More power to you girl. Stay happy always. Make pen your power and make words your wings to fly high in the diary of your life. God bless you Sweety😚😍

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  2. This is a very interesting and thought-provoking post, Kavya. I like when you stated in the blog post,

    “You got to bloom where you are planted…

    Be a seed that flourishes…”

    No matter where we are planted in life, we are a seed that needs care in order to bring out the best in us. The Lord Jesus Christ plants us where we need to be planted, all we have to do is trust in Him.

    Also, thank you Kavya for following my blog. I don’t know what made you decide to follow my blog but I am always humbled to see how far God is taking this blog around the world.

    If I may ask a question: What was it about my blog that made you decide to follow?


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