Don’t spoil your mood!!



Come on,

Don’t spoil your mood, stupid…

Nothing deserves giving up your smile,

Not even you….

Life is just the moment you are in,

Don’t ruin it with mood swings…

Do what you feel like,

Even in a society blind to your dreams,

Dare to dream…

Put in your efforts,

Silently, away from the eyes of the society…

For they stay up to bring you down,

Your life is your journey,

With an ending same for all,


Why let anybody else decide,

Decide the way for you,

Decide which turn to take which to avoid…


My dear,

Don’t spoil your mood…



  1. Your artistry is beautifully intricate. “Dare to dream” Kavya… your art and poetry are magnificent. Thank you for sharing a part of you with us.
    Have a most beautiful day…

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