Think Before You Prioritize!


Hello readers, how are you doing? I hope you are doing fabulous in your life. Well, today I am here with something we all know, but not many of us pay attention to it. I am talking about priorities. They say, priorities are important for time management, and to keep life on track. But, what if we end up putting the wrong things on the top of our priority list? Han? Of course, we will end up ruining everything all at once, without even realizing where we went wrong. That’s the googly of life. We get attracted to the stuff which shouldn’t be in the top three on our priority list. Yes, it happens.

Okay, you don’t believe me? Rewind your life to the moments when you have regretted investing time in something and then, later on, repented the investment badly. It happens, it really does. And the worst decision is when you spend hell lot of time with somebody you really liked as a person, as a friend, as a partner or a relative, just to find out later on that it was a one-sided bond. The most painful thing is when the other person ends up saying that, “Hey, I never told you to do all this for me, or I never told you to care about me”, it drives the heart and mind crazy.

The googly of life is that it ensures you come face to face with your decisions in the journey of life, especially when you can’t do anything about it.  All you are left with is the regrets, regrets about what all you missed in life just because of prioritizing shit wrapped in love or fake bonds in your life. Well, after spending some time in repenting the decision, you collect yourself and try to spread your wings again, alas, the weight of the priceless time you wasted on wrong things or people, pulls you down, making it tough for you to take a high and happy flight in life.

The funniest thing is that all of us know that we might be prioritizing the wrong things at present, alas, the intensity of the satisfaction or love or temporary happiness is so high that we become blind to everything else. We don’t just dig a hole for ourselves by doing such things, but also jump into it happily without wearing any parachute.

Another main prioritizing mistake we often make is, while choosing to spend time with family and the strangers we find cool. Many people don’t answer the call of family, or visit them regularly, for they feel they have spent all their lives with them since childhood, and thus they don’t feel the need to meet them or answer their call often. I find this wrong, why? Because, the family is something that supports you when you aren’t capable of supporting yourself, and always welcomes you with open arms, no matter how hard it is for them. Then, why should we avoid supporting them both emotionally and financially when they need it. Always remember, it’s not just our life that’s passing in a blink of an eye, but theirs too. Your parents are growing old, your siblings will be sooner indulged into their own life once they get married, and your pet, the one who loved you unconditionally, whose life always revolved around you, and made your journey beautiful, is approaching the bridge to heaven. Spend your time wisely, it won’t come back.

The crux is all of us have had made wrong choices in prioritizing stuff in life, but what’s important is that we should learn from it and start prioritizing things rightly. On this note, I bid adieu.

Happy Reading.

P.S.- I am just a message away. The more we share thoughts, problems, and solutions, the better the world becomes. Let’s spread smiles together.



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