World Poetry Day!! (March 21)


Every bit of my feelings,

My pen knows…

Letting me pour myself out on the white paper,

Often the paper lends me an ear….

Without saying a single word even,

It soothes my heart,

Soothes it like,

The ice works for a sizzling surface…

The feeling of holding a pen,


Creating poetry is itself inexpressible….

It’s my aching heart,

Poetry often puts at peace…

Even the hardest battles of this mind,

Poetry helped me win…

Like a forever friend,

Poetry strikes me,

The moment I feel low…

Having poetry by my side,

I feel so alive…

Like a doll,

 Dancing in the rain,

I feel so light, free,


High in life…

It’s not the people,

Who matter me much now…

All that keeps me going,


Matter me,

Is the words, phrases,



Poetry as a whole…

The dancing alphabets on my heart,

Feel so divine…

On the tune of my heartbeat,

They often create poems,

Poems extremely dear,


Near to me…

Even the God knew,

I would fall in love with poetry…

For he happened to give me the name,


Which literally means poetry…


Hi-five Poetry,

I love flirting with you,

For the chemistry we share,

Is priceless to my soul…

Happy World Poetry Day…



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