A silent Presence!

What a post by Divya Sharma. I am speechless. Beautifully woven emotions in the form of poetry. ✔❤

My Take On Disability

Divya sitting with her labrador Junior

Some presences are never much adored,

But they own a powerful impact.

In my life, I adore my family of course,

But there is a positive personality that I hardly boast about.

People who know me well can make a guess,

But those who don’t;

I am talking about my beloved Labrador named ‘Junior’.

All the names like Juni, Junu, Gugi Puri or any other name that has no belonging; belongs to Junior in our house.

At times I feel my pooch knows about my vision impairment,

It seems there is a silent understanding between us!

I sincerely admit I have stepped on him more than anyone else,

But I can say Junior has never taken such careless blunders of mine to heart.

In moments of sorrows and sadness,

My pooch rescues me in a way nobody else can.

A single pat on his back or a kiss on his…

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