Whispering words!!


I heard them,

Whispering to each other…

In a strange way, they interacted,

Trying to leave me baffled…

Every feel they described,

Wasn’t theirs to hide,

Rather was all mine they didn’t know…

Whatever I felt,

They discussed,

The whispering words…

Standing on the stage of paper,

With each alphabet being written with the ink of my feels,

Were unaware of this very reality…

The words whispered,

Whispered low, trying to keep my mind uninformed…

That’s how it goes,

When the words I write whispers,

Trying to be not so loud,

To keep me ignorant of all the ill feelings…

Which in fact are all mine…

That’s how those innocent words try…

Try to save me,

Save me from the chaos within…



  1. This is actually beautiful..the way words trying to rescue from chaos..every writer feels the same..but something strange happened when I am reading your post..actually I was continuously staring the beautiful woman in the pic..and words are whispering” hey boy,don’t see there,you are here to just read the poem And appreciate,don’t forward” I was surprised..are your poetic lines jealous that your beauty is dominating them or they are just your virtual parents..to safeguard you from boys ?!!!


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