‘I can’, Really?


I can’t,

I can’t do this,

I can’t do that,

I can’t…

How can I?

Am I that capable?

If I get fail?

Why waste time in trying it?

Let it be…

Shit happens…

I have to do it,

I have no choice,


How will I do it?

I have to try now,

I tried,

Tried again,

Guess what,

It happened…

O Gosh,

I did it,

I can’t believe,

I could do this ever…

I have done it…


I can,

I can do anything,

Anything I am willing to do,

Willing to work for,


The pen is in my hand,

I am writing my story,


Let’s make my dreams happen,


I can…

Really 🙂


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