Free Your Mind!!


Throw them out,

All those useless thoughts,

Literally, all of them,

Right away,


Let your mind breathe,

Breathe for some time….


Being packed with useless thoughts for long now,

Let your mind take a sigh of relief…

Feed it with happy memories,

Gratefulness to God for life,


A positive outlook on life….


Let your mind spend some time,

Time amid the things that fill happiness…

Pick up a pen,

Just write down what you feel….


How about coloring the canvas?

With all that going on in your heart and mind?


Feeling tired,

Get some energy…

Buck up human,

Take a sip of

Tea or coffee,

Ignite your creativity,


Shake your legs,

Shake them on the rainbow of positivity,


Shower some happy vibes on self…


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