It Pains!!

The screams of the time, 

Aren’t inaudible to my heart…

The pain still exists, 


The forgiveness isn’t possible…

For time is everything,

What’s gone can’t be brought back…

Time investment shows importance, 


Actions reflect everything better…

How can those loft words melt the stone? 

The stone made out of the heart that once blossomed?

How about the things, 

The struggles, 

That the heart went through, 


Finally ended up into a stone…

The stone…

That still melts, but never tells…

The hard core covering, 

Be it in the form of 

 Agitated vocal tone at times, 


The anger,

The stone does it all, 

All just to save, 

Save the soft heart within, 

Hoping to heal….



It still pains… 



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