It sucks to be good!!

Believe me, 

It really does…

For the heart that cares, 

Never gets the same affection….

The one who stays truthful, 

Often end up blamed….

For the one with a high vocal code, 

But a caring, loving and respectful nature, 

Often pointed out…

Being good, 

Brings nothing, but disappointment…

Disappointment from the self, 

For always being available for others when need arises, 

For putting all the eggs in one bucket, 

For revolving the life around others, not the self….

It sucks really does…

Ask somebody who really cared, 

Ask somebody who always wished for all good of others, 


Ask somebody who fought for somebody who never considered it when required the most…

Ask somebody, 


And you will now, 

It sucks,

It really does…


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