She is craving!!


As life passes fast,

She craves,

Craves for those vibes so fine,

Crystal clear,



Mixed with the vibes of others around,

Don’t know where those sparky vibes now reside…

Getting intense and deeper every moment,

That craving is leaving her uncontrollable…

Determined to find those vibes again,

Own them,


Wear them like before…

 She knows,

She will make it happen,

Make those vibes be hers,

Filling her craving well,

She will win the self,

Then the world…



  1. she is there
    from the demim of her jeans
    to the chalk in her hands
    the sands of time
    mine all mine
    learn to see me
    feel like a new born man
    and with you i can
    kiss you for
    being the woman you truly are!

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