Karate Passion: What Does the Universe Want?

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My Take On Disability

By this time my constant readers might know that I am into learning Karate. I have been a big fan of Karate and so far I have achieved five belts. My aim is to get the black belt. Of course, being a low vision person, it has not been easy but I am determined for sure. Last year in November I had to leave learning Karate from previous coach. They misbehaved and insulted me because of my disability. I left them as I can’t take anyone saying anything unnecessary about my disability.
Anyhow, it was difficult to gulp that episode. Since I live in a small town, I, with a lot of difficulty, got that coach two years back. I even made them popular in the schools that they are terrific karate trainers. But end of the day, things got against me only. After November, It took me two months…

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  1. Don’t give up , atleast you r gaining by practicing . Strength, confidence, will power , determination nd karate moves which will help to survive in future challenges .
    Hardwork never go waste

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