Mentor For Life!


The journey started,

Started with an argument,

Argument that was unexpected…

The angry figure at place,

She always wondered why so angry?

Deciding to stop greeting at first,

She ends up greeting with a wide smile,


Warm wishes…

Time passed,

She made sure she wished,

Wished one and all with smile…

Being a friendly being,

She carried a joyful aura along…

Holi came,

The angry mentor seemed different,

Full in festive mode,

He played Holi with the team,

Not just his department mates,

But the entire company as a whole…


She got a lot more reasons,

Reasons to feel inspired by him…

Being a hardworking,

Highly passionate,


A dedicated being,

He always inspired her….

Admired by just the way he lives life,

Serves his company,


Guides his team,

She so wished he was her reporting manager,

For then she would have got better guidance,



More positive vibes..

That’s how,

She found a mentor,

A mentor for life…

Thank you 🙂


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