PB-74 2628


Sketch- Google

Oh my dear,

The last 9 years,

They passed in the blink of an eye…

Alive in my heart,

Is every road trip,

Every road trip I took on you….

Be it the scorching heat,


Heavy rainfall,

You never left my side….

As a loyal friend you stayed,

Helped me through every path,


Never disappointed me…

Often I mistreated you,

But you,

You my beauty, never left my hand…

My dear PB-74 2628,

I love you,


Miss you,

Every Part of you my darling…

Be it the pair of tyres,

Or the horn that paved my way…

Be it the comfy seat,


The side mirrors,

You were too good to be forgotten…

Bidding you adieu,

I was all in tears…

Kissing you hard,

I didn’t look back at you…

For I had to leave,


I couldn’t leave ever….

I miss you my Activa,

PB-74 2628 ❤ ❤



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