Far away from you,

Where you aren’t around,

I crave for you,

Every moment…

You add sunshine into my life,


With no you around I feel dim….

The light that ignites in heart,

Everytime somebody like you is around,

Is missing..

Now isn’t the only time,

When I can’t be with you,

For the rest of the life,

I have to live without you…

For the reasons I can’t fight….

Carved on my wrist,

I will always feel you like my pulse…

For until I am alive,

I will adore you more,

More than any human being around…




  1. your poetic narration on your pet dog is very good. concise cryptic and very thoroughly pined for his absence. keep it up.

    very strange Isee your poem after a long time..

    read my posts poems aswell as you used to.

    Liked by 1 person

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