Turn Your Weakness Into Strength!


Hi Guys, Happy New Year to you all. Well, long time, no writing and blogging at my part, my apologies. There is a very common thing that often strike my mind, I muse about the same, but never end up penning down the thought, an eventual belief may be.

Its about weaknesses, which often work as invisible cages, and end up sucking life out of us. No matter how strong, positive, or happy an individual is, a single mere weakness can ruin everything. But what can be done, I wonder, and have been wondering for long now.

I, personally have been through scenarios, wherein I fail only because I let a single weakness take over me, my qualities, pure heart and good intention, working as a dark gloomy cloud that covers the little happy heart that resides within.

The solution is work on yourself, empower yourself to work on the weakness and turn it into a strength. What better an individual can wish for? Isn’t that an amazing thing to do.

As the new year shows up, I take a pledge to work towards turning my weakness or weaknesses, or any sorts, and kinds into a powerful strength. I hope to overcome the demon that often slaves my strengths, no matter how many are they.

Join hands with me in this race, and do share positive views, and related experiences to encourage me, and help me overcome my weaknesses.

While you love the ones around, don’t forget to take care of the self too.

Keep Smiling, till I post next.

Stay positive, stay hopeful, and don’t forget to pen down regularly.

Cheers. 🙂




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