An Oculist

And her writing always leave me speechless.. ✨😇🖋👌

My Take On Disability

Seeing my oculist is a task I totally ace,
It’s been more than two decades I have been going for regular eye check-ups.
And these check-ups do take place around 350 miles away from where I stay.
Indeed, the invitation is always from the hospital’s side.
Ah, they say, there is no medical solution for the Glaucoma I curdle,
But I visit the clinic every few months to check the vision percentages lurking somewhere in the left eye.
I wonder, how jealous my poor, dead right eye might be,
Sitting in a top most hospital but getting no attention at all, my poor right bay!
20 percent remaining eyesight is no less than treasure for me,
Treasure that permits me to see the world a little through blurry lens!
Over the years, I have developed a connection with the machines,
Yeah, the machines that evaluate the pressure, check the eyesight…

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