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Hey Guys, how are you all? With a hope that you are doing good, I am moving forward. Well, today I have something experienced by me myriad times in life. Have you ever felt that you have been trying hard to bring a change in some part of yours, which is being given by God to you? That part of you that over powers and overshadows the rest of you. No matter how nice, faithful you are, it’s just that part of yours that the world chooses to see? After trying for once, twice, and myriad times, you end up failing just because of something God has given you.

After having tried hard to overcome that part of mine, even I have ended up convinced with the world. The pressure this self-attempt failure put on the self is far beyond the understanding of the rest, you can’t explain, instead, you end up cursing thyself. Finding self incapable of wiping off something that often make me feel so bad about the self, the girl who used to be “I am my favourite” has ended up into a girl, “I hate myself”.

Stepping forward in life, I choose to work on myself harder than ever. This time, it’s my creator only that I choose.  I choose to give myself in the hands of God, for God is somebody who I think will reinforce me to get up again, try changing myself one more time. In God’s grace I choose to nurture, I trust him more than any other.

Feel free to pen down some suggestion about how can I overcome my weakness, or can change myself for the better, for I am dead-tired on working that aspect of me. Having seen it hampering the rest of me is painful, disturbing. Having lost the love for self, I don’t want to stop loving the life my God has gifted me.

On this note, I bid adieu.

See you soon, really soon.

Keep writing.

Keep smiling. 🙂


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  1. Hare Krishna. Thank you for your openness. I think that you have chosen rightly to depend upon God, and to cultivate your relationship with Him. All our deficiencies are deficiencies in that most important of all relationships, between the self and God. We may fall down many times as we seek to improve that relationship. Many times. But if we keep on trying, we will certainly one day attract His mercy, and come right.


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