Keep the Spirits Up!!


Choose to smile,

Smile like life has always treated you well…

Nobody knows the fire that is ignited inside you,

Just drive it on a constructive path,

A path that celebrates you,

In fact,

Celebrate yourself,


The world will start celebrating you…

When you have come alone,

Will leave alone,

Why let anybody in this journey affect you?

You know who is yours,

You know who isn’t,

Then just feel blessed to have the ones,

Who genuinely care,


 Forget the rest,

 Who just act to be yours…

Pray for your people,

But serve the entire world as a whole,

For life is all about deeds,

Do your good deeds irrespective of what others think about you,


One day life will make you feel good,

Good in myriad ways….

In the pursuit of happiness,

Don’t ever alter your deeds…


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