RIP My Precious 😭🐕 Juni

You ARE my priceless friend, Juni.🐕💟You came into my life when I lost somebody special,
You consumed me to an extent that memories of victor I always cherished, never cried ever…
Calling you his younger brother,
I found a version of him in you…
Eventually, my love for you grew more than ever…Time passed by,
Memories we created to cherish forever…
Sharing ups and downs of each other,
We walked together ever….These words of mine will never be enough,
For what you are to me nothing can express ever…
With countless memories together,
It feels pained to realize that no more memories we will be able to make again ever…The pain in me will never lessen,
Someday we will again cross the roads just like this life that we lived together…With you already gone to return never,
I promise you there won’t be any paws in my home ever.With you gone today,
I shut the book of adopting a furry ball..
For I will never be able to see anyone replacing you ever.Rest in Peace my Junior,
My somebody nobody can be ever…
You will always be alive for me.
No matter how old I become,
The time spent with you will remain there in my heart forever.
Those paws of yours will always be my favourite,
Shedding countless tears today,
With a heavy heart,
I am saying you bye.I wish I was there with you in your last moments on earth. I am sorry😭PS- I love you.🐕
Please come back😭


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